How To Select Best Blogspot Templates

There are lots of well-designed and professional looking BlogSpot Templates offered for Google Blogger, all very enticing for your regular blogger to import. The majority of them are analyzed for Blogger and operate good, but Google has made the importation of them a occasionally buggy and more tedious process than it was.

BlogSpot Templates

Below are a few critical things that actually influence your AdSense earnings through the Blogger website.

Template Choice

Select two column template with sidebar places are on the left and the entire body at the right.


Pick colors that are suitable Blogspot templates. Principal color for the ideal Blogspot is a dark colour. As an instance, black, dark red, dark blue, dark green and so forth.

Use The Ideal Font Form

A fantastic selection of typeface for Blogspot that rely upon AdSense as a source of earnings is your Arial’s. Font size contents of this report must be between 11px – 13px.

AdSense Positions

The ideal place for AdSense is in the top (under the site description) along with the bottom part of your website.

BlogSpot Templates

Should only use 2 AdSense advertisements for every site. Initial ads form of text links that are set in addition to the site (under the website description) along with the next kind of text and graphics advertisements put on the underside section of website.

 AdSense Font Form

Use Arial font to your AdSense. Arial typeface optimize the amount of clicks than any other fonts.

Likewise to the six major tips which you impose on your own Blogspot.

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